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Factors affecting the life of flat printer!

2018/5/28 15:26:57

One. ink quality

The plugging factor in the ink of the flat printing machine nozzle is a parameter directly related to the particle size of the ink. If the plugging factor is larger and the particle size is larger, it will directly lead to the blockage of the nozzle, the filter will gradually be blocked, causing the damage of the ink pump, and even some large particles will take advantage of the potential to permeate the filter. The irreversible blockage of the ink head causes serious damage to the ink head.

Two. Changes in temperature and humidity

If the temperature is too high or too low, the consistency of the ink will decrease or increase, thus breaking the original state of the ink, resulting in broken lines or spurious phenomena in the process of painting. If the ambient humidity is too low and the temperature is too high, it will increase the volatility of the ink, and the ink is easy to solidify on the surface of the sprinkler, making the flat printing machine sprinkler can not work properly; if the humidity is too high, the ink may accumulate around the sprinkler hole affecting the work of the sprinkler, and the picture is not easy to dry; ink is siphon phenomenon to complete the supply of ink. Cheng, therefore, the abrupt change of external temperature will break its original balance. The best solution is to control the temperature so that the temperature in the workshop does not change more than three to five degrees a day.

Three, the influence of working habits

In the process of use, attention should be paid to no burrs on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, to avoid damage to the nozzle of the flat printing machine in the process of suction, and to keep the nozzle dry at all times, so as to avoid problems such as ink blocking. As long as we develop good working habits, we can protect the head of flat printing machine and prolong its life.

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