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How about the automatic printing machine made in China?

2018/5/30 17:12:14

In the domestic textile and garment printing industry, the application of automatic mechanical equipment is just beginning. At present, the automatic printing machines used by printing enterprises in China are divided into two categories: import machine and domestic machine. Importers mainly in Europe and the United States, product quality and design are very advanced, hundreds of years of development history makes its product development is very mature and stable. However, because of its high price and inconvenient maintenance services, which lead to the high cost of domestic printing enterprises, so most domestic printing enterprises are not easy to accept imported machines.

Domestic automatic printing machine is divided into two situations, one is the former production of packaging machinery factory, the development of automatic printing machine; another is the former production of silk printing equipment and manual tableboard based on small silk printing machine factory, imitation of the production of automatic printing machine. The former is more professional in mechanical design and processing, but not proficient in printing technology. Although the latter is familiar with printing process, but not professional in mechanical design and manufacturing, processing and production capacity is limited, so the domestic automatic printing machine printing process and mechanical design of these two aspects is still not perfect in the short term, there are some defects, resulting in the production of automatic. Printing machines are not suitable for printing enterprises. Therefore, the current market strongly calls for the development of an alternative to imported quality, reasonable price, really practical and easy-to-use automatic printing machine, thereby reducing the growing labor costs, improve the quality and grade of printing products.

With the continuous development and progress of technology, the improvement and breakthrough of production, such as Gaoshi Tianyuan Clothing Printing Co., Ltd. introduced advanced international technology in China, successfully developed a new generation of textile printing equipment to replace imports, greatly reducing production costs and improving the quality and efficiency of the printing industry.

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