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TYSL Series Automatic Oval-shaped Screen Printing Machine

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Product features:TYSL series automatic printing machine with its advanced design, clever structure, precision plate, stable operation, convenient operation and adaptability to various printing materials, coupled with intimate,


          1. The precise and reliable servo drives system, accurate independent positioning system and pallets automatic calibration system, to ensure long-term stable and high precise running.

    2. The connecting rod type pallets structure makes the machine running stably and easily, and high positioning accuracy.

    3.The Global first digital display assistant alignment system, greatly shorten the alignment time. Quick order, small order, and repeat order is no longer a problem.

    4.The advanced "flash dryer", combined with the U-TYPE carbon fiber heating tube, each tube can be controlled separately. Temperature adjustable and maintainable. Safe, efficient and energy-saving.

    5.The Ultrasonic humidification device can keep the screen mesh wet, effectively avoid mesh blockage.

    6.The Flexible and convenient tension-free frame clamping and positioning mode, fastest speed for alignment, and different sizes and the manual frames can be used. Save time, labor and cost.

    7.“Frame lifting” printing mode, Save electricity and reduce wear.

    8.“One key” to control the printing head, frame lifted up during mesh cleaning. Practical, easy and convenient.

    9.Hollow honeycombed structure aluminum alloy pallet,light weight, reducing operating energy consumption, small inertia, and high surface flatness, not easily deformed, good heat dispersion, reducing the mesh blockage during rubber printing.

    10.Pallet quick-changing function, takes only a few seconds to replace a pallet. Cutting pieces and ready-to-wear garments printing can be exchanged arbitrary, no need to adjust the pallet’s level.

    11. The machine can be equipped with flocking machine, auto heat press machine, digital printer and etc. Multiple printing processes can be done simultaneously on this single machine.

    12.The colorful touch-screen HMI, intuitive and convenient to operate. Fault self-diagnosis and troubleshooting at a glance, also supports remote diagnosis function. No matter where you are in the world, we can provide services to the best of our ability.

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