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Tunnel dryer

Product use:

Product features:Product model: SH-6500 Product specification: 6500*1300*1300mm


Tianyuan manufactures a variety of tunnel dryers for energy efficient drying on printed textiles. Shown here is the tunnel dryer, used most often in screen printing. The walking dryer uses advanced infrared heaters to enable an even heating. Powerful infrared radiation penetrates through the material, even in low-temperature environments, avoiding the yellowing of light colored fabrics that generally occurs with other tunnel dryers. This drying performance results in more outstanding prints.

Using a stepless motor controlled by a VFD, the wire mesh belt runs steadily, transmitting the power from the motor to the conveyor belt, which is a Teflon coated belt made from fiberglass. The distance between the conveyor belt and the infrared heating tube is adjustable. Other vital features include the high-strength, electroplated roller, and asbestos filled iron plate. A digital temperature control panel automatically cuts off the power supply when the temperature exceeds the pre-set value.

Features of the Tunnel Dryer

1. Three independent, built-in turbo fans allow heat to circulate inside the tunnel, and cools outgoing prints, drawing out steam and exhaust.

2. Conveyor belts allow the drying process to be carried out continuously for an improved working efficiency.

3. A galvanized internal construction allows for a quick spread of infrared waves, reducing curing time.

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