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Exposure Unit

Product use:

Product features:This machine is a high efficiency special equipment for screen printing. It adopts advanced technology such as computer control and imported special rubber vacuum suction.


As it can be equipped with a vacuum pump, this exposure unit is designed for mid to high level print shop requirements. Using a vacuum created by a pump, the unit holds the screen in place on the glass top, and exposes the capillary film on the screen to intense UV light for a highly detailed and high quality image. A unique steel framework design allows the glass top to rise easily for a convenient operation.

Features of the Exposure Unit

1. Vacuum unit: A 1.5L vacuum pump delivers a fast air pumping speed. The vacuum suctions the screen, and secures it in place on the glass top.

2. Rubber blanket: This is about 1.2mm thick, light-proof on both sides, tough and durable.

3. Glass top: The glass top is 9.2mm thick and strong enough to withstand a heavy load.

4. Self-capping shutter: The shutter comes with a built in cooling system that allows heat from the tube light to spread quickly. Not only does this prevent the tube from being overheated, but it also helps achieve the best exposure result.

5. Body: The body uses a 1.2mm thick iron plate coated with paint that has gone through a high temperature bake for a durable, smooth and peel-free surface.

6. The imported reflector has a reflective performance that is comparable to a diamond surface. The reflector reflects the light to all corners of the screen, ensuring an even exposure.

7. The light source on the exposure unit is comprised of several gallium iodide UV curing lamps rated at 2 kW, 220/380V, and 50Hz. These tubes are extremely durable and deliver a stable spectral output for a reduced exposure time and energy usage.

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