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Screen Frame Drying Cabinet

Product use:

Product features:Many screen printing processes require drying boxes. We can make the oven into a double-door type, compared with the traditional drawer type of internal space larger, better drying performance.


In screen printing, there are many processes that require the use of a screen frame drying cabinet. The screen needs to be dried after being coated with a photo-emulsion, exposed to UV light for fine details and a high quality image, or rinsed with water after each screen printing cycle.

Upon customer request, we can furnish the screen drying cabinet with a double door design for easy access to the inside cabinet. Compared to a drawer design unity, the double door cabinet offers a large drying capacity and an outstanding drying performance. Though heater tubes are above the screen to be dried, the centrifugal fan allows hot air to circulate form both above and below the screen to ensure an even drying. With a consistent drying performance, we guarantee that your screen will come out dry, safe and in one piece.

Our screen frame drying cabinet is available in different specs and capacities, and custom designs are available upon request.

Features of the Screen Frame Drying Cabinet

1. While circulating the airflow around the screen, the centrifugal fan compresses the air to allow it to flow faster. This results in an even temperature increase for a higher drying efficiency.

2. According to customer operating habits, we can produce the cabinet in a more compact unity with a light framework for easy push and pull.

3. Excellent heat insulation allows the screen to dry faster.

4. The cabinet's outer shell is made of welded steel and coated with a corrosion resistant paint for a longer service life.

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