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Screen Stretcher

Product use:

Product features:Automatic wire mesh machine is a special equipment in screen printing industry. The size of the mesh can be adjusted arbitrarily by pneumatic components and multiple activities.


A fully automatic screen stretcher is a great way for customers to individually build finely woven screens for their screen printing jobs. Customers who build a wire mesh screen on their own can customize the length and width of the screen based on the job requirements and production needs, while still controlling cost and lead time.

Our fully automatic silk screen stretching system delivers consistent, high-tension stretching on multiple screen and frame combinations simultaneously. A hand lever operated push lock and rubber coating hold-down ensures the screens will be held in place tightly without being torn. The resulting silk screen is rigid and durable.

Features of the Screen Stretcher

1. The weft and warp are tensioned and controlled hydraulically.

2. Each screen is clamped down as a whole unit, so that it can be stretched to an even, high tension with no wrinkles.

3. Critical components are brand-name products.

4. The machine is easy to operate. It is suitable for perfectly stretching silk screens that use polyester, stainless steel or composite materials.

5. Multiple screens can be produced simultaneously.

6. Four casters increase mobility.

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