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Sewage Treatment System

Product use:

Product features:This system is suitable for the pigment printing enterprises to treat the sewage produced in the production process, so that it can meet the discharge standards stipulated by the national environmenta


The sewage treatment system is designed to handle waste water generated during textile printing processes. In nearly any area our customers are from, it is illegal to pour the waste water into your local body of water. Because of that, this sewage treatment system helps turn waste water into clean water that meets your area's emission standards.

The waste water treatment system includes the sewage pit, the sludge pool, clean water pool, sewage pump, water disposal tank, air compressor, and related pipes and valves. In most cases, the treated water meets the following standards:

1. COD2:<80 

2. PH value: 6-9 

3. Color: clear, transparent

Upon customer request, we can also customize this auxiliary screen printing equipment.

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