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Multi process printing of automatic elliptic printing machine

2018/5/28 15:27:30

As everyone in the industry knows, elliptical printing machine with its unique technological and versatile advantages, quickly occupied the emerging market. So far, people know it is a good device, but few know how to use it to achieve complex printing on the printing market. Fully automatic elliptic printing function to realize complex process printing? In this regard, I would like to introduce the following printing processes.

Field printing of mucilage

If we need to reach the thickness of the conjunctiva of hand printing, we may need to add a spot plate. This has two advantages, one is to save the number of scratch printing of other colors; the other is if the dark fabric printing, the first piece of the field printing plate to be elastic and elastic white mixed together printing, other colors of the printing can be more beautiful.

Foaming printing

Foaming printing includes three methods: high foaming, low foaming and suede foaming. Generally speaking, these processes are combined with other colors of paste printing in one printing process.

Transfer printing of flocking and bronzing

If we want to achieve one-time printing and gilding on the machine flocking transfer, then we also need to equip the machine with a press.

Fabric printing with joints

This refers to the semi finished printing process in the garment factory. For example, shoulder joints, zippers and decorative pockets. Generally speaking, the effect of printing here is very difficult to qualifying.

Printing on imitation paste of thermosetting ink

It is the conjunctiva that uses the thermosetting ink to make the printing effect.

Mixed printing of mortar and drill

The most important thing to note in this printing process is that the hot melt glue behind the drill must be pressed on the fabric fiber, otherwise the fastness to washing is very low. Therefore, this requires us to leave a good position in the stamping drill, that is, according to the diameter of the drill on the stamp to leave a round hole.

Thick plate thermosetting ink printing

This is the most difficult machine printing process, and it also embodies the advantages of the printing machine. Runway printing is to achieve the thick plate printing process by repeated overlapping of one plate, and to achieve this process on the machine, we need to complete through two plates.

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