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What are the tips for printing machines?

2018/5/30 17:11:42

What are the tips for printing machines?

1. Try to prevent large areas of color block, especially the chest cuffs of these local, large color block whatever you use will appear on the clothes printed with lumps, when sweating caused the printing aspect is not breathable.

2. T-shirts and T-shirts are printed in three directions: the forerunner, the back and the cuff. This prevents your picture from always linking the armhole to the shoulder. Since small batches of printing are mostly ready-made clothes, these seams will affect the printing effect and add cost.

3, choose screen printing, control the color, because the more colors, the higher the cost.

4. Screen printing should prevent the gradual change of color, because the gradual change printed out and screen inside will be very different, printed on cloth and printed on paper is different.

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