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What are the factors that affect the printing effect of automatic flat printing machine?

2018/5/30 17:12:37

After using the automatic flat printing machine for a period of time, there may be color stripes on the screen printed by the flat-panel printer and so on. Generally, the cause of such problems is "nozzle blockage". Therefore, understanding the cause of nozzle blockage will help to better understand the machine and improve the quality of the printed picture.

The principle of the sprinkler is quite similar to that of an air pump commonly used in daily life. The piezoelectric crystal is the soul part of the sprinkler, just like the iron rod of the air pump. When you find that you can't vent your anger, there are two reasons: the road is blocked or the air cylinder doesn't work. Of course, the nozzle is much more complex than the pump, so the "plug" is also a variety of reasons, roughly the following several cases:

1. when ink is accumulated to a certain extent, the nozzle is blocked outside, which is the most common way of plugging. Ink is a volatile liquid, and it is easy to distinguish solids in the air. When the nozzle is sprayed on the cloth, there will be some ink left around, which will gradually make the nozzle smaller or even plug the nozzle after drying in the air. Fortunately, the spray holes are easy to clean outside.

2. damage of piezoelectric crystal: it shows that the nozzle can not spray ink. Usually, the piezoelectric sprinkler can be used for about a year, and it may take less than a year in a factory with heavy workload.

3. Piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: the phenomenon is sometimes ink-jet nozzle, sometimes can not spray ink, especially in the large amount of ink-jet "clogging" phenomenon is obvious, at this time the best way is to replace a new nozzle.

It can be seen that "nozzle obstruction" is the main factor that affects the quality and yield of flat printer. So when we have such problems, we can use the above methods to judge and deal with them.

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